VSP Paris High-end Brand

VSP Paris High-end Brand

VSP brings together talented craftsmen and designers to convey emotive and warm messages. With its timeless collections, the brand shows feminine style, innovation and sensitivity to technical craftsmanship on its products.


  • International expansion
  • Development
  • Systems integration
  • Design & UX
  • Performance enhancement
  • Conversion rate optimisation


  • Shopify
  • Channel Adviser
  • Lyst
  • Kiwi Size Chart
  • Langify
  • Multi Store Sync

The brand approached us for our best-in-class UX/UI expertise. We re-designed and re-engineered their Shopify store, optimising the brand experience by accenting the story behind their unique pieces and sustainable production.

We have engineered custom pages for the brand to spread its message. We also made the integrations with the international marketplace that the brand wanted and provided the opportunity to grow in the international market. In addition, the Shopify consultancy we give to the brand is on going.